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Walk in Bathtubs Improves Circulation

Improve Blood Circulation With Your Very Own Walk In Tub

walk in bath water therapyThere are certain physical conditions that may slow down or even stop blood circulation. For instance, individuals with heart disease often experience poor blood circulation which can cause a stroke or severe damage to the arteries. Fortunately, soaking in hot water in a walk in bathtub is a natural way to increase blood circulation.

Soaking in hot water can facilitate circulation and improve your overall health. This is especially more effective if the walk in bathtub is fitted with air and water jets that massage the body. This massage technique facilitates movement of blood in congested areas and since the temperature of water is higher than normal, the blood vessels dilate allowing more oxygen rich blood to be sent to all the required areas.

The increased circulation also causes new blood to flow in since toxic substances such as lactic acid are flushed away from the muscles. Metabolic wastes are also carried away from the muscles and internal organs leaving you feeling refreshed. The overall effect is a reduced blood pressure and better overall body function.

Increased blood flow stimulates cell growth and organ function. You will be able to keep terminal diseases and cancers at bay if you take good care of your body and maintain proper blood flow. You’ll even get a healthy skin if you are able to maintain proper circulation of blood. This is because the bacteria and infections that your skin may come into contact with are naturally eradicated.

Soaking in a walk in tub if you have diabetes can be very beneficial. Because diabetes is one of the conditions that causes poor blood circulation, a warm bath in a tub with air and water jets that specifically target your legs and feet can have a very calming effect on your body. However, make sure you consult your doctor before you consider any form of hydrotherapy.

Walk in bathtubs often come with easy to adjust temperature settings so that the water doesn’t get too hot. You can always regulate the temperature and know when to leave the tub. Soaking in the tub for just 15 minutes should be enough to improve blood circulation. You may also need to do some exercises so that blood flows to other areas of your body and reduce the risk of complications.

If you have poor circulation, your hands and feet will get cold and you are likely to feel fatigue and achiness on your joints and muscles. Soaking in a walk in tub whenever you have this kind of feeling can have a lot of benefits. Remember that proper circulation provides the tense muscles with oxygen rich blood to heal. It also improves brain function and allows you to stay focused and sharp at all times. A walk in bathtub is a worthwhile investment because it can help you to maintain proper circulation, look good and feel healthy at all times. Why should you rely on over the counter medication if there are natural ways to alleviate pain and relieve muscle tension?

Walk in Tubs Helps Maintain Your Independence

Maintain Your Independence With Your Very Own Walk In Bath

There are many alterations that you may need to do to make your home comfortable. By doing all the necessary adjustments, you can have a bathroom that meets your demands. It doesn’t matter whether your bathroom is large or small, you have many options. For the elderly and disabled, nothing is as good to them as living a hassle free life. Going to the bathroom is one of the most difficult tasks that the elderly and disabled face. Fortunately, with the help of modern technology, it has become easier for them to maintain their independence.

Walk In Baths Provide Better Safety

Walk in bath tubs are the best choice for anyone who wants to relax in a warm bath but has difficulty getting in and out of the tub. They are a worthy investment considering the risk of injuries that occur due to slippery bathrooms. Studies show that most bathroom injuries occur to people who are 65 years and above. The main cause of these accidents is balance and not water as many people suggest.

Stepping over a three foot high tub wall is very dangerous for the elderly. Walk in baths provide people with balance problems an easier way to maintain their privacy and independence. Installing a walk in tub and doing other safety adjustments can save money that would have been used to pay for senior home living facility. Many people would agree to the fact that living at home is a much better option.

Walk In Bathtubs Has Safety features You Won’t Find In Another Tub

A walk in bath tub is designed with a door and a seat. All you have to do is open the door and sit on the anti-bacterial seat. The door is leak free and it doesn’t require much effort to close. For people who use wheel chairs, these tubs come with powered seat lifts which make getting into and out of the bath tub easy. The idea of placing a door in walk in tubs is truly amazing as it reduces the risk of losing balance while trying to get into the tub.

The conventional tub does not offer a place to hold on except the slippery surface. With a walk in bath tub, you don’t need any assistance to bath, giving you just the right amount of independence you need. You can order these tubs online and have them installed by an expert.

A Walk In Tub Will Provide Comfort For The Whole Family

A walk in tub has many features that are great for the whole family. Massaging jets and whirlpools provide great comfort and with underwater lights, it goes without saying that these tubs are the best you can get for your family. The relaxing scent and therapeutic effects of warm water in these baths is ideal for the elderly with pain and conditions like arthritis.

With the increased safety and convenience that walk in bathtubs offer, it’s quite evident that they are indeed worth installing for anyone with mobility problems. A bath should be enjoyable, and most importantly, it should be relaxing.