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Walk In Tubs Provides The Safety You Need

A Few Reasons Why Walk In Bathtubs Are Safe

walk in tubs are very safeStatistic shows that more than 15,000 seniors die annually due to fall related injuries. These numbers will keep increasing if homeowners don’t take measures to enhance bathroom safety. A walk in tub is not just a shower with a door on the side. It’s so much more than that.

A walk in tub is a wise investment that can protect you and your family from deadly bathroom accidents. Walk-in-tubs should be considered a necessity and not a luxury in homes with individuals who have health, weight or mobility challenges. This specially designed bath tub comes with certain unique features that make it safer than your traditional bathtub.

A door for easy entry: This is probably the most pronounced feature of a walk in tub. The door is put in place to provide an easy entry and exit from the tub. There are even specialized bathtubs that are designed to enable wheelchair access. The door is designed to swing back and forth without the need to exert a lot of force. It’s simple to operate.

Anti-slip floors and seating: The other important feature that most traditional bathtubs don’t have is the slip resistant floor and seating. These features are there to enhance safety while bathing. The floor doesn’t get slippery when wet so there’s no risk of falling or even sliding from the seat while taking a bath.

Built-in grab bars: Walk in tubs are a suitable option for people who have mobility challenges due to weight, age or a health condition. The built-in grab bars are also slip resistant and easy to access so you don’t have to lose balance and fall in the tub when bathing. Unlike the traditional tubs where people support themselves using the towel bars, the walk in tub is designed with easy to reach handles which you can rely on for a firm grip.

Hand held and wall mounted showers: These are usually provided as extras in order to provide a more relaxing bath experience. With the wall mounted shower, you are not limited to immersing yourself in water. You can have a quick shower while seated once in a while without depending on anyone else. This is a unique feature that is not common in traditional bathtubs.

Low-step entry: If you have a tub that takes you too long to get over it, installing a walk in bathtub will make you feel safer. The tub is designed in such a way that you won’t have to strain in order to gain access and risk knocking your leg and sustaining an injury.

Leak proof: High quality walk in bathtubs are designed not to leak. The door can open inwards or outwards depending on the design you choose. If the door opens outwards, you’ll have to wait for the water to completely drain out before opening the door. When the tub is full, the water pushes the door back and provides a tight seal so no leakage occurs when you are taking a shower.