About Us

My Walk In Tubs provides some of the best walk in tubs and bathtubs for seniors the elderly, handicapped and people with mobility problems or anyone looking for a spa like experience.
Everybody seems to be busy these days. Hectic routines have left very little time for us to give to ourselves. Think about the elderly, the handicapped and those who have some sort of disability.
Where do they stand now? Do we have time for them? Can we give them the facilities and luxuries they need? Can this world be made a better place for them? We sure can if we take care of their needs and wants. We can provide them a healthier lifestyle. We at Walk In Tubs aim to provide our elderly and disabled comfort and ease so that they can live a better and happier life.
We provide a wide range of quality walk in tubs and bathtubs for our old fellows. However, being old or disabled is not a compulsion. If you had a busy day and want to give some time to yourself, then we can provide you with some beautiful and comfortable bathtubs so that you can enjoy a spa like experience that would soothe all your stress and tensions away.
Many a times, old people or handicapped don’t want to feel as if they are a burden to others. It is true in some cases too because people consider bathing them or helping them at it kind of difficult. That’s why we came up with such innovative bath tubs that let the elderly or disabled enjoy a relaxing bath on their own. Comfortable and adjustable seats are built in these special tubs to ensure that they enjoy their bath without disturbing others or getting disturbed by others. Therefore, our facilitated walk in tubs are best for this purpose.
Hygiene is a factor we care for the most and do not compromise on. We make our tubs with intense care keeping strict check on the hygiene factors to ensure best results. Based in the USA, we manufacture these amazing tubs here as well. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and our happiness is in your happiness. We can guarantee that the ultimate bath experience you’ll have by using our bath tubs would make you and your family happy and relaxed. Our rates are competitive and you can check the variety we offer and order from us today!
Our bath tubs are completely designed to meet all of your health needs. Give your body a treat by having a soothing bath or treat the elderly or disabled in your family with an ultimate bathing experience with Walk In Tubs!

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